How to use

Hyalofemme comes in a 30g tube with a convenient multi-use applicator. By following these simple instructions, Hyalofemme will be placed easily where it needs to be in the vagina:

  1. Unscrew the cap and use the other side of it to pierce the top of the tube open
  2. Screw the applicator onto the tube
  3. Holding the tube upwards, press it to squeeze the gel out into the applicator. It will stop whenl the plunger reaches the stopper
  4. Unscrew the applicator from the tube and replace the cap
  5. Get into a position that’s comfortable for inserting the applicator in the vagina as you would a tampon with applicator – most women sit on the toilet, kneel down or stand with one foot on the toilet seat
  6. Insert the applicator into the vagina while holding the plunger end, then push the plunger to empty the gel into the vagina
  7. In cases of more serious dryness, you can push the plunger a little bit before you insert it, so that a small amount of Hyalofemme gel sits on the end of the applicator in order to lubricate it

After application, remove the plunger from the applicator, rinse both well under running warm water, and leave to dry in a clean place. Once dry, reassemble the applicator by pushing the plunger back into through the wider opening, narrow side first, and store away.

It is recommended that you use Hyalofemme once every three days. One tube of 30g Hyalofemme will last you a month when used as directed.

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MVP2019 highly commended
Hyalofemme has been voted by pharmacist as a Highly Commended product in 2019.