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Anyone suffering from vaginal dryness knows how quickly this can become a priority.

Sometimes you can’t exercise, walk or even sit down without feeling uncomfortable.

As for your love life? Well, that can become anything from a disappointment to a tragedy. 

It’s fair to say that the physical and emotional torment of vaginal atrophy can feel like too much to handle.

You do not have to put up with it. You do not have to suffer.

  • Hyalofemme is fast-acting and long-lasting, and it doesn’t contain hormones, perfumes, parabens or other nasty preservatives.
  • What’s most exciting about this product is that it feels like your own natural moisture. Many women say that they feel like their normal selves again.
  • Finally, you can rest at ease knowing that Hyalofemme is effective and safe: unlike other vaginal moisturisers and lubricants, it has been rigorously tested in clinical and laboratory trials to prove what it can do.

...women say Hyalofemme
helped with vaginal dryness. 



Claiming that Hyalofemme is one step above others is an audacious statement.
Can we back it up?

Of course. There are several advantages:

Hyalofemme has strong scientific backing

Most moisturisers and lubricants currently on the market rely on customer reviews and general information on the ingredients they contain rather than rigorous clinical studies published in peer reviewed journals. In contrast, Hyalofemme gel as a finished product has undergone rigorous testing, both in a laboratory and on patients in controlled clinical studies.

If you are ever in doubt about the marketing claim a product is boasting, ask for clinical and preclinical evidence.

Hyalofemme has been clinically proven to be as effective as hormone cream containing 0.1% oestriol (oestrogen derivative). Clinical studies have proven that it relieves symptoms of burning, itching and inflammation caused by vaginal dryness. Clinical trials among women who have had cancer, and as a result endure more severe vaginal dryness symptoms, have proven Hyalofemme to be safe and effective.

Hyalofemme is more than a sticky plaster

Not only does it rehydrate the tissue, but it also helps speed up the healing process. Dryness causes friction, especially during sex, and this results in tiny cuts on the vaginal walls, known as microlesions.

Although most vaginal moisturisers last longer than lubricants, they are still just a temporary fix - you feel relief while the effect lasts, but once it wears off the pain comes back again.

Hyalofemme helps speed up healing of these micro-injuries in the vaginal wall. Preclinical trials suggest that it can actually reverse vaginal atrophy (the name for the drying out of the vagina). Plus, it has exceptional mucoadhesive properties - meaning it stays put in the vagina instead of dripping out like some other products. Being mucoadhesive means that moisture is released gradually back into the vaginal cells: it has been proven over and over again that water is released gradually and the effect lasts for about 72 hours.

This gives you back spontaneity in life, both in everyday activities and in your bedroom, as you only need to apply Hyalofemme once every 3 days. It’s even been proven to improve sex lives!

Hyalofemme helps your vagina heal itself

Vaginal dryness and changing pH can lead to infections such as thrush and bacterial vaginosis, but studies show that Hyalofemme can also support your vagina’s microbiome to resist these.

First, it helps maintain the optimal pH level in your vagina. When your vagina is slightly acidic, it creates an environment that’s difficult for bacteria and fungus to survive.

What’s more special is that hyaluronic acid in the form of the unique Hydeal-D activates your immune system’s T-cells that help fight off infection. It acts as a free radical scavenger – an antioxidant which helps protect your cells from damage caused by free radicals.

Wrinkles are bad on your face, good in your vagina

Vaginal walls have wrinkles called rugae, like ridges in sand. They flatten out when you enjoy sex, expanding your vagina. But dehydration means the cells are thinner and more brittle, and the wrinkles disappear. This can lead to your vagina shrinking in length and width, which can make sex even more problematic.

Your vaginal tissue will get drier and drier over time if you do nothing.

So do something! Hyalofemme feels like your natural secretions as it adheres to the mucous membrane of your vaginal walls for up to 3 days. Slowly and steadily, Hydeal-D releases moisture to the cells as they require it, keeping them nicely plumped up and flexible.


Advantage worth mentioning

As we mentioned previously, Hyalofemme is mucoadhesive. In other words, it sticks to the vaginal wall tissue, called the epithelium. This allows for water to be released gradually, over the period of several days. Practically, this means two things:


It lasts longer.

Studies  have shown that most women feel wonderfully comfortable and can enjoy spontaneous sex when they use Hyalofemme every 3 days.


It is comfortable to use.

There is no sloppy dripping or unpleasant discharge.


How does it work?

Hyalofemme is based on breakthrough patented technology developed over 55 years in a spa town in Italy, which is the hyaluronic acid capital of the world.

The main ingredient, Hydeal-D is an improved version of low molecular weight hyaluronic acid. The scientists who created Hydeal-D are true hyaluronic acid specialists:

They hold around 1100 patents around the world.

Their hyaluronic acid is being used in wound care, biological therapy and eye treatments - giving you the security of knowing that the product you are getting is extremely pure and safe.

Hyaluronic acid is found throughout the body. It lubricates and moisturises different tissues and joints, and is widely used in skincare and medical products all around the world.

Hydeal-D has supreme water-holding capabilities compared to a standard hyaluronic acid molecule. Combine this with mucoadhesivity and what you get is a product that gradually releases molecules of water, giving your vagina continuous and prolonged hydration for maximum effect.


Sex can be sizzling again

Many women using Hyalofemme tell us that they have gone back to having sex without feeling pain and without needing to use a lubricant.

In fact, our clinical data shows that Hyalofemme can prevent and improve sexual dysfunction in women recovering from breast cancer.

Speaking of which, what is the difference between lubricants and moisturisers?

Lubricants are designed to be used during sex or medical examinations. They coat the surface of your vagina and vulva with a slippery substance, which can have water, oil or silicone base. They prevent friction, which would hurt on dry tissue, and they last for a short period of time, usually about 30 minutes. There is no lasting effect.

On the other hand, moisturisers are designed to give longer lasting benefit. They are intended to be used on a regular basis, to maintain the moisture level of the cells in your vagina’s mucous membrane (also known as the epithelium).

A lubricant can be helpful just before or during sex to prevent friction and make it feel comfortable and pleasurable. But it will be no use if your vaginal dryness gives you pain or discomfort when you’re running, walking, or sitting, as can often become the case if the problem is left untreated.

Many women find that Hyalofemme makes them feel (and smell) normal again, like they did before menopause. Their secretions feel natural and they don’t need a lubricant.

It’s important to note that Hyalofemme has been proven in clinical trials to work for 3 days in the vast majority of volunteers on the study. Cancer patients tend to endure more serious symptoms, so in that clinical trial, the patients got the results they wanted when they used it five times a week. The study showed that their sexual function also improved.

* If a products makes a claim like this, ask for evidence from clinical trials to prove the boast.

Notes and limitations about moisturisers and lubricants

Some lubricants and moisturisers damage sperm’s ability to swim (this is important if you are trying to conceive), but products based on hyaluronic acid have been proven to be sperm friendly.

Therefore, you can use Hyalofemme if you are trying to conceive. This is particularly important for you are on a fertility treatment which can make vaginal dryness worse.

Many cancer treatments mean that you can’t use products containing hormones for the rest of your life, and perfumes are best avoided in this sensitive tissue. Hyalofemme is hormone-free and perfume-free and has been proven in clinical trials to be safe and effective for cancer patients.

Many women find that Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) helps menopause problems such as flushes and mood swings, but doesn’t resolve their vaginal dryness symptoms. Hyalofemme can be used alongside HRT to relieve those symptoms.

Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding often experience vaginal dryness. Hyalofemme is suitable for use in these cases. It can also be soothing and support healing after vaginal childbirth.

Hyalofemme is gentle to your body, and you can freely use it if:

  • You are breastfeeding
  • You are trying to concieve
  • You are on fertility treatment
  • You are on cancer treatment or you have recovered from cancer
  • You are also using HRT or local hormonal therapy

You can also use it with lubricated and non-lubricated latex and polyisoprene condoms, but do not use it with polyurethane condoms.

Is Hyalofemme the right choice for you?

Hyalofemme was designed to be used by women of any age, but it may especially benefit you if:
  • Sex has become painful
  • You are peri- or postmenopausal
  • You are undergoing cancer treatment or recovering from it
  • You need vaginal dryness treatment but wish to avoid hormonal therapy
  • You are using oral contraceptives
  • You are experiencing vaginal dryness due to Sjogren's syndrome
  • You suffer from vaginal atrophy induced by medications (allergy or cold medicine, antidepressants) or fertility treatments
  • You suffer from conditions such as ovarian dysfunction, endocrine disorders or senile vaginitis
  • You are breastfeeding and experiencing vaginal dryness
  • You have given birth and wish to promote vaginal repair
  • You are preparing for gynoplastic surgery or other procedures to promote vaginal repair
  • You are undergoing vaginal laser treatment

What does Hyalofemme contain?



Quaternium-15 is a formaldehyde-releasing preservative. It can cause irritation and allergic reactions, therefore it is best to be avoided in vaginal moisturisers.
Hyalofemme is also:




The ingredients are:

Hydeal-D (low molecular weight hyaluronic acid derivative, 0.2%), carbomer, 1,2-hexanediol, propylene glycol*, methylpropanediol, caprylyl glycol, sodium hydroxide and purified water.



There have been some marketing campaigns mentioning that propylene glycol is a dangerous substance present in anti-freeze, etc. Understandably, this caused quite a scare.
Luckily, we don’t base our marketing on sensationalistic claims and scary tactics - we base our products on scientific data
Below you will find a link to the article about propylene glycol and its safety profile, as determined by independent relevant institutions. And by all means - do your own research.