Itching, burning, soreness

Most women don’t recognise that the problems they are having “down below” are caused by vaginal dryness. They talk about itching, burning and soreness. That’s because these are the three main symptoms of vaginal dryness.

Since these symptoms are non-specific, and can point to a variety of conditions, it is important to discuss the issue with your GP to make sure that there is no underlying infection that’s causing it.

These are the more common conditions associated with these symptoms:

  1. Vaginal dryness – most often occurs in menopause, but other hormonal changes and conditions can also trigger it.
  2. Bacterial vaginosis – even though it is not considered a bacterial infection as such, but an unbalanced vaginal flora, in some cases a treatment might be required. Additional symptoms may include a greyish-white discharge, and an unpleasant fish-like odour.
  3. Thrush – an overgrowth of candida, also known as a yeast infection or thrush, is characterised by a strong itch, often followed by pain and soreness. An easily recognisible symptom is an abundant white discharge. However, if thrush occurs alongside vaginal dryness, the discharge may not be present.
  4. Allergic reaction – could be caused by inadequate hygiene, perfumed vaginal products, or underwear material.
  5. Physical irritation – can be a result of exercising, tight clothing or intercourse without enough lubrication.

Hyalofemme treats itching, burning and soreness caused by vaginal dryness, and it can be obtained on prescription or you can buy it online for £8.42 a pack (30 days’ supply). If you would like your GP to prescribe Hyalofemme to you, please download and print out the GP letter, which contains all the necessary information for a Hyalofemme prescription.

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