Cancer treatment effects

Unfortunately, every medical treatment carries a risk of side effects and when it comes to cancer treatment some undesired effects are unavoidable.

If you tried to research side effects of cancer treatment, you probably came across some of the most common ones, such as hair loss, nausea and vomiting or pain. Another common side effect of chemotherapy or hormonal therapy is vaginal dryness, even though it is often not mentioned in popular literature.

Chemotherapy can cause damage to your ovaries and affect their capability to produce oestrogen. A reduced amount of oestrogen in your body will result in poor vaginal lubrication, hence the symptoms of vaginal dryness. You may experience discomfort or even pain during intercourse, itchiness or irritation. You may even feel uncomfortable during everyday activities such as walking or exercising. This is because the symptoms are caused by the dry surfaces inside the vaginal rubbing together, which creates friction. That can feel like itching or burning sensation. But the friction can also lead to tiny cuts and that feels more like pain. Left untreated, these cuts can become infected, so it’s really important to use a moisturiser – Hyalofemme does this job really well because it contains Hydeal-D, a derivative of hyaluronic acid, which easily delivers moisture inside the cells and may help restore the vaginal tissue.

Lubrication can be restored by using vaginal moisturisers – products which reintroduce moisture into the vaginal area. In some cases, where dryness is only a problem during sexual activity, women choose to just use a lubricant –  a product which coats the surface of the vagina and vulva so that the movements during sex don’t cause irritation or inflammation. Some people are prescribed oestrogen-based products which are inserted to the vagina to add oestrogen and allow the cells to retain more moisture and elasticity,  but these are often not suitable for cancer patients and survivors. Hyalofemme is hormone free but it has been clinically proven in rigorous scientific tests to be just as effective as a local oestrogen therapy. This way you can receive all the moisture you need without using any hormonal products.

Another important aspect of dealing with vaginal dryness is to discuss it with your GP, as well as your partner. Sharing your concerns and discomforts with your partner will help you keep the communication open and maintain intimacy; and Hyalofemme can help with enjoying your sex life once again.

Your GP can prescribe Hyalofemme to you – here you can download and then print out a letter for your GP which has all the necessary information for a prescription. Alternatively, you can order Hyalofemme online here.

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