Why prescribe?

  • The gel is as effective as 0.1% oestrogen cream for vaginal dryness, providing fast and long-lasting relief from itching, burning, inflammation and soreness
  • Hyalofemme is effective in reversing the symptoms of vaginal atrophy
  • It activates T-cell receptors and enhances body’s natural antimicrobial response
  • The Low Molecular Weight formula of Hydeal-D® optimises the advantages of hyaluronic acid, known as “nature’s moisturiser”. It passes through cell membranes, delivering the retained water inside the cells, thus moisturising them from within, rather than just on the surface.
  • Hyalofemme is non-hormonal, so it is suitable for use with cancer patients and women on HRT
  • 90% of women surveyed said it helped their vaginal dryness and 96% would recommend it to a friend
  • It is an economical alternative to current products
  • Hydeal-D® has been shown to be more mucoadhesive than hyaluronic acid, and it provides a slow and constant release of moisture, therefore Hyalofemme is generally used once every three days
  • Hyalofemme is non-staining, non-messy, feels like naturally produced vaginal lubrication, and is paraben free
  • Regular use can restore a woman’s ability to have spontaneous sexual intercourse, however Hyalofemme can be used additionally as a lubricant if desired

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    MVP2019 highly commended
    Hyalofemme has been voted by pharmacist as a Highly Commended product in 2019.