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The 3 ways to get Hyalofemme

  • Hyalofemme is available on prescription
  • You can buy it over the counter in your local pharmacy
  • You can buy it online
Note: The cost of buying Hyalofemme is usually for less than the price as a prescription, if you don’t qualify for free prescriptions.

Getting Hyalofemme on prescription

Your GP, hospital doctor, nurse prescriber and in some cases pharmacist can write a prescription for you. Don’t worry if they aren’t aware of Hyalofemme, you can download a letter here which gives your prescriber all the information they need to find it on the NHS system. It also sets out reasons for choosing Hyalofemme.

Usually, one 30g tube lasts a month if you’re using it once every three days (the standard dose). If you have cancer or have had it in the past, clinical trials have shown that five applications per week is better, so do mention that to your prescriber.

In brief, the references they need are as follows:

PIP CODE: 0404-7932
DRUG TARIFF REFERENCE: Appliances (England, Ireland and Wales), Vaginal moisturisers (Scotland)
PRESCRIBING DETAILS: Part IXA (England & Wales), Part III (Ireland), Part 3 (Scotland)

If they say they will not prescribe Hyalofemme, it’s good to understand why. If they aren’t familiar with it, you can assure them that there is no other vaginal moisturiser with so much clinical trial evidence for safety and effectiveness, and we’ll be more than happy to share that data with them.

In some areas, a decision may have been made to prescribe a particular product. If this is the case, it’s possible that they aren’t aware of the excellent scientific evidence available to support the use of Hyalofemme, so please let us know by emailing info@purpleorchidhealth.co.uk and we can try to help.

Buying Hyalofemme from a pharmacy near you

All pharmacies in the UK can order Hyalofemme for you, even if they don’t stock it on their shelves. The national network of wholesalers makes deliveries once or twice a day to pharmacies so you shouldn’t have to wait more than a day. They can order it using this

PIP code: 0404-7932

Buying Hyalofemme online

Buying Hyalofemme online is easy – just click here to go to Express Chemist, a UK-registered online pharmacy.

The ordering process is secure and fast, no need to register, and Hyalofemme will be sent in discreet packaging. Hyalofemme is also available on Amazon.