7 July 2022

Dealing with menopause as a female police officer

As a menopausal police officer, Leslie encountered many road blocks. So she decided to make change happen - and she did.
30 April 2022

You’re not mad, it’s just the menopause

Menopause is not all about hot flushes: memory lapse, impaired ability to concentrate, mood swings, loss of libido, may also plague you.
29 March 2022

How to make intimate examinations more comfortable

The fear of going for an intimate examination can be worse than the reality. Here are some useful tips on how to relax during a vaginal exam.
14 March 2022

The sobering truth about propylene glycol and its safety in food and cosmetics

This article should give you a scientifically backed, objective and realistic assessment of propylene glycol’s safety in food and cosmetics.
13 February 2022

Is it time for HRT or Husband Replacement Therapy?

Did you and your partner have problems before your menopausal symptoms began? Maybe it's time for HRT - or Husband Replacement Therapy.
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