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What can Hyalofemme do for you?

Hyalofemme helps your body heal itself

9 out of 10 women agree that after using Hyalofemme all major symptoms of vaginal dryness are GONE:

Burning - gone

Itching - gone

Pain - gone

...of women would
recommend Hyalofemme to a friend

Powerful long-lasting hydration


Breakthrough ingredient from the oldest European thermal spa

Hydeal-D was developed in the small town on the North of Italy called Abano Terme.

This quaint little town is known for its thermal water, mud baths and beautiful spas. Even its name - Abano Terme - means to remove pain.

Here is where most of world’s hyaluronic acid is being produced. The manufacturer supplies hyaluronic acid to companies all over the world, as it is used in face creams, eye preparations, joint injections and Hyalofemme.


Hydeal-D resists enzymatic breakdown

In other words, it is not being metabolised and removed from the body as quickly as regular hyaluronic acid. This makes it last longer inside the vagina providing effect for up to 72h.

Supreme water-holding capabilities of Hydeal-D (1g of Hydeal-D can hold 3 litres of water) are emphasised further by Hyalofemme being mucoadhesive.

It means that the gel sticks to the tissue, which allows the water to be released slowly and steadily over the course of 3 days. Try it for yourself - put a small drop of Hyalofemme gel on the top of your hand and then turn your hand over. You will see that the drop does not move.


Hyalofemme lasts for 3 days, so you don’t have to use it daily.

Plus, there is no sloppy dripping or nasty discharge.

Hyalofemme is wonderfully comfortable to use, making you feel like your normal self again.