Restore moisture




Hyalofemme is a unique hormone-free vaginal dryness treatment, as effective as 0.1% oestrogen cream.

Scientifically proven

Hyalofemme has been proven to work through rigorous clinical and laboratory trials.

Feels good

Gives a non-messy, natural feeling and restores moisture from within the cells.


Cannot live without this stuff! Since beginning using this product (post menopausal) I no longer get bladder infections, and I feel comfortable all day. It is gentle, efficient, and easy to use.


Tried various products but this is the best. I was having a lot of trouble after hysterectomy and vaginal repair and this is the only thing that has allowed me to be normal again very pleased hubby is too!


I really love this product, it soothes and heals isn’t messy… Feels very natural, I have not felt this normal for years. I would recommend this product to all ladies during menopause and post-menopause, it’s amazing.

sparky mortimore

Hyalofemme is available on prescription and to buy online and in pharmacies.

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MVP2019 highly commended
Hyalofemme has been voted by pharmacist as a Highly Commended product in 2019.